Veritas Miniature Marking Guages x2 105414 05P85.10

Veritas Miniature Marking Guages x2 105414 05P85.10
One third scale Veritas marking gauges
Fully working miniature versions
Perfect for delicate, small scale work
57mm long, stainless steel rods with brass reference faces
Circular cutters will not tear wood fibres
Useful for transferring measurements
French-fitted embossed leatherette box

These are fully working versions of the Veritas wheel marking and dual marking gauges, but only one third of the size. Their smaller scale allows greater control and makes these exquisite tools perfect for small marking tasks that require a delicate touch. Each is 57mm long and weighs just over 14g and 21g respectively.

Like their full-size counterparts, they cut (not tear) fibres for clear marks even on cross grain and have an eccentric reference face for good registration. The cutting edge is at the end of the rod so you can transfer measurements accurately.

With the dual marking gauge, you can set two measurements at once, so you can quickly alternate between them when transferring or marking repetitive dimensions. Made of stainless steel with brass reference faces, they come with a French-fitted embossed leatherette box that holds both gauges.

Made in Canada.

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