Molyslip GPG general purpose grease

Molyslip GPG general purpose grease
MOLYSLIP GPG - A top quality lithium base high melting point grease of No.2 consistency. The
grease is made by the molyslip double process from specially selected materials to ensure
maximum shear stability. The grease is completely resistant to water (both fresh and salt) and it
gives excellent protection against rusting and corrosion. With a wide working temperature range
it is most suitable where high temperatures and/or heavy load conditions exist.
The oil soluble extreme pressure (EP) additive has been specially selected to ensure compatibility
with the lithium grease base and increases the immediate load carrying capacity of the grease.
molyslip GPG is the true multi-purpose lubricant suitable for ball, roller and plain bearings in most
conditions of service in vehicles, machinery, electric motors and generators etc.

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