Eclipse 59mm Diameter HSS Holesaw Bi-Metal Blade

Eclipse 59mm Diameter HSS Holesaw Bi-Metal Blade
Professional tool for commercial use.

HSS Hole saw

Suitable for cutting holes in a wide range of materials including mild steel / stainless steel / cast iron / brass / aluminium / wood / plastics / copper UPVC / Acrylic glass / Bronze etc.
HSS Bimetal cutter
Dimensions of the hole saw 59mm
Eclipse Hole saw cutter.
Manufactured from high quality steel with M3 cutting edge for fast clean heavy duty cutting action
To make this work a Holesaw Arbor is required
Holesaw is primarily used with a power drill where the Holesaw is used along with the Arbor
This product requires a 32mm-152mm Arbor.

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