Bond It A70 Stud Lock 25ml + A43 Thread Lock 25ml

Bond It A70 Stud Lock 25ml + A43 Thread Lock 25ml
Bond it A70 studlock 25ml

A high strength, anaerobic adhesive for the permanent retention and sealing of threaded fasteners, sleeves and bearings. It is resistant to fuels, oils, hydraulic & refrigeration fluids. Also acts as a lubricant during assembly to ensure accurate torquing and protection against corrosion. Prevents rusting or corrosion and cannot be dismantled once adhesive has set.

Bond it A43 Threadlock 25ml.

A medium viscosity, medium strength screw and thread-locker. Used as a locking compound for direct application to lightly oiled components. Replaces spring washers and lock nuts. Removable using the correct tools. Also prevents rusting or corrosion. Non-drip consistency for clean, economic application.

High torque grade.

Medium viscosity.

Suitable coarser threads.

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