BD-180K Precision Airbrush with Mix Control

BD-180K Precision Airbrush with Mix Control

Precision airbrush, with a double action trigger,
Comes complete with airhose, Airbush and extra needle and nozzle
air-paint/mix control.
Built-in with an air regulator at the bottom of the head of the airbrush body which enables you to control the air flow necessary.
A cut-away designed handle increases the ability to operate the needle when necessary, to remove or clean a clogged nozzle.
At the end of the handle of the airbrush body is an adjustable screw, which enables you to regulate precisely lines/air flow/thickness of paint applied.
Paint load: gravity feed cup
Dual action
This is one of the best guns on the market today
1/8" BSP fitting (standard)
Air consumption: 15-50psi
Paint mix: internal
needle and nozzle: 0.2mm AND 0.3mm
Capacity cup: 9cc

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